What is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation Explained

Family mediation involves you and your partner sitting down with a trained mediator to work out problems you may be struggling to work out on your own.

Mediators do not Give legal advice, Offer counselling or therapy or Make decisions for you

Why choose Family Mediation?

  • Much cheaper than solicitor and court route
  • A safe neutral place
  • Completely impartial
  • Simplicity – the process is informal, straightforward and constructive
  • Control – you remain in control and as mediation is voluntary you can stop the process at any time
  • Saves time – and avoids the stress of a lengthy legal process

Who is family mediation for?

Family mediation can help improve communication, help you make decisions about future arrangements for the children and help you make decisions about property and finance as it affects your separation.

  • Parents
  • Divorcing couples
  • Teenage parents
  • Grandparents
  • Adult siblings
  • Parents & adult children
  • Other members of the extended family where communication and/or relationships are problematic.

What can we talk about?

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  • Contact arrangements
  • Residence of children
  • Parenting
  • Communication
  • Maintenance and Child support
  • Finance
  • Holiday arrangements
  • Property – the family home
  • Sharing possessions
  • Pensions / Endowments
  • Settling of debts
  • Education

What are the benefits?

  • Improved future relationships – you are able to move forward and make a new start
  • A full overview of our prices can be found here

What is the cost of family mediation?

  • Much cheaper than solicitor and court route
  • A full overview of our prices can be found here

How long does family mediation take?

    When we receive the initial referral we will aim to see you for the individual assessment meeting within 2 weeks. Any further mediation sessions will then be arranged at a timescale to suit both of you and the mediator The number of sessions can vary – if your are sorting out finances and children’s matters(“All Issues Mediation”) then the average is between 3 and 5 meetings. If you are only discussing children’s matters then 2-3 joint sessions is usually enough to resolve matters. However, the time needed depends on: Individual circumstances The number and complexity of the issues that need resolving How flexible you can be regarding days/times for appointments Most sessions last for 1 to 1.5 hours.

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